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View for the fish
The glass dome as fishview – the koi’s are loving it

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Zippo lighter
A must-have für collectors: A rare zippo lighter is displayed nicely.

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This Amethyst was found on Tenerife and will not gather dust. In contrast, the glass dome helps.

antikuhr mit glaskuppel circa 1800
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Antikclock from approx. anno 1800
A beautiful antique clock with intricate inlaid pedestals and turned columns is again completely covered with a square glass fall.

jesuskreuz 1
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This golden Jesuscross is protacted against dust.

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made of bronze vienna
This picture shows a carousel a music clock
( made of bronze, Vienna around 1920 )
with six individually made pig figures
moving after the melody „ blu Donau River”

The glass dome finisher wonderful antique work.

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40 years sailing experience
Memories under glass because.

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A swiss student has made a disseration for a diploma for the trade school in Zürich with this three glass domes.

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Family Heirloom
A family heirloom was again complete with glass dome and base and sees very well.

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Need glass bells to be able to make photographs, they are borrowed from me.

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This beautiful old ivory chess pieces are protected from dust by a glass dome.

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