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German Nationalmuseum
The german nationalmuseum in Nürnberg presents gear models.  
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The glass domes are showing true treasures in the german nationalmuseum.  
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Porzellanium Selb
Europes biggest specialmuseum for porcelain (Porzellanium Selb) shows the permanent exhibition Rosenthal. New staged on 600 square meters.  
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Exhibition Philip Rosenthal
For Philip Rosenthals 100th anniversary the Porzellanium in Selb showed a beautiful special exhibition.  
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Belvedere Wien

Baroque exhibition Johann Franz Schwanthaler Crucifixion.
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Belvedere Wien

Baroque exhibition Johann Peter Schwanthaler the Elder Pieta undated wood.
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Treasury Munich

The angel and the Clock are protected by a glass dome
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Because the new glass dome is the mirror effect even more charming. The clock has a beautiful view.

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Museum Bad Homburg
The bust of Susette Gontard Landolin of powerlessness
(Anno 1793) is protected by a glass dome.
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Glass Cup Luis exhibition Pfaueninsel
Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg / Photographer: 
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The world in a glass house
The Altona Museum has an exhibition in 2007 titled "The World in a glass house." 
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Focke Museum, Bremen Regional Museum for Art and Cultural History
Precision regulator with seconds pendulum: The pendulum - glass vessel in the form of a hexagonal prism - was replaced by me. 
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For some museums have been manufactured in, replacement parts for glass chandeliers and delivered. 
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Longwood House
Longwood House (Natchez, Mississippi) is one of the most architecturally unusual Antibellum-houses in the South. Haller Nutt commissioned architect Samuel slogan with the design and supervision of construction of this house in 1860. On the six-story building (with an octagonal floor plan) is a Byzantine dome is located at 16 windows. Unique are the architectural innovations of Longwood - especially the advanced light - and ventilation systems. One of the 32 rooms was provided as Biblothek, to house 10,000 books. Its construction was due to the American Civil War (beginning 1861) never completed. The Nutt family was due to the only the only finished floor, the ground floor, relate, where they resided for more than a century.

The house is the public all year round accessible for inspection.

the glass dome made me replace the originals that have been broken long ago and intended to protect porcelain figures. 
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There is a table lighter with electronic ignition from 1860 in the Goethe Stadt Museum Ilmenau in Germany. This very rare lighter was completed with a glass dome and a wooden base. The glass dome hood serves as dust protection.

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