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34 years of advertise in the field of glass domes sets my glass domes apart from others.

It is a fact that antique clocks, sculptures, dolls, statues, valuable antiques, works of art and many more are in need of a protective cover that not only is functional but also decorative.

In my extensive store-room 35 km South of Bremen, up to 400 glass domes in round, square and oval shapes are available for purchase. The most common glass dome sizes in round and oval shapes are usually available to be bought directly from the store-room. For a large number of individual items immediate delivery is also possible. 

My business prides itself on offering expert guidance and rapid order processing. The glass domes are delivered world-wide.

Apart from artists, clockmakers, students, private parties and dealers in antiques, my expert opinion is also being requested by museums.

A first-class service concerning my glass domes is understood as well as reliability, which I see as my personal strength.

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Astrid Meyer Glasdome,
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Phone: +49 4252-9092411
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